Broccoli and potato filled Indian flat bread { broccoli paratha }

Broccoli has slowly immigrated into my house hold and I have no clue how….Its just few years back that I was introduced to this veggie and was always tempted to buy it knowing all the goodness it has….But Initially I had no idea , what to do with it…So a lot of time , it ended in the trash because by the time I thought of a recipe to please mine and my hubbys spoil  palates , it had crossed the expiry date….I am still tempted to buy it every time I go to a grocery store , but now have learned a few recipes that both of us like and so we try to eat a lot of this lovely veggie….

All you need is

Whole wheat flour-112 cups
Salt-1 tsp
Broccoli-2 cups{grated}
Potato-1{boiled and grated}
Chaat masala- 1tsp
Garam masala- 1 tsp
Oil for frying

Method of preparation
Mix flour and salt in a bowl and knead with water to make soft dough
In another bowl, mix broccoli, potato, salt , chaat masala and garam masala
Mix well
Make 6 equal balls from the dough and divide the broccoli mix into 6 equal parts
Dust and roll the dough a little and fill it with the broccoli mix
Again dust and roll to make a 10 inch disc
Heat a griddle and cook the paratha from both the sides till brown spots appear
Smear with oil or ghee and cook from both the sides
Serve hot with any raita or aachar
It also makes a very good lunch pack for bhavye…I smear it with a layer of butter and make a roll for him…..

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  1. says

    Hi Neha,
    broccoli is so healthy and this is a perfect paratha with brocolli filling, certainly somethin I have seen and heard before but isn’t it what cooking and being creative is all about? thumbs up for this amazing recipe of yours. Absolutely fantastic.

  2. says

    Wonderful Idea. I was also in your case and tempted to buy them always. But after spoiling N number of broccolies, I stopped buying them :-p. I think , I can buy now again and prepare this paratha.

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