Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book review-The tulleho ! Book of Cocktails

This is a totally different post for me on my blog and I’m just elated writing it here... Around 10 days back blogadda contacted me to review the book “The tulleho! Book of cocktails” I just jumped on the opportunity and had my free book delivered last weekend... More than me, Mohit have been eager to get the book as he just loves cocktails and making new drinks… So thanks to blogadda for making me a part of this review

The tulleho! Book of cocktails has a great appearance and feel to it and has catchy instant karma and anarkali on the cover; the picture just feels in your taste buds! The author has demystified the complexity of making and serving cocktails in very easy manners…..From a large selection of desi to contemporary mixes, this book has it all....

The book has covered all the basics like explaining the various alcohols available and their use, the tools and utensils used to make cocktails right from the smallest long spoon to the larger ice crusher, which is great for anyone starting to learn; specially with the pictures accompanying the description.. It then goes on to explain the glassware to use for different drinks; again which is just great for any newbie in this field... Even if you are not planning to make a cocktail,it’s just great to know about these basics if you are going to a booze party or just the bar.. You never know this might just help you to start conversations with someone special or just boast knowing the stuff...

With a large collection of cocktail recipes under different headings like Diwali recipes, Valentine’s Day special, monsoon special, dessert special, Christmas special,ladies special and many more, this book is a must have for all the cocktail lovers....

I was confused which one to try from all the amazing looking drinks ,But then settled on Caipiroska, which is a Russian cocktail, with Vodka as the base spirit…..It came out really good…Very easy to make and yet looked very fancy....

All you need is

Vodka-60 ml
Soda-50 ml
lime chunks-6
Brown sugar-1 tsp
Lime juice- 5ml
Sugar syrup-10 ml
Crushed ice-To top up the glass

Method of preparation

Muddle the lime chunks and brown sugar
Add vodka, lime juice and sugar syrup
Add soda
Top the glass with crushed ice
Stir once and serve immediately

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  2. Looks great for a seat on the porch or with some summer BBQ!
    Take care..

  3. Glad 2 follow u drop at my space

  4. Lovely clicks...Drink looks great...

  5. Great book for making cocktails and sure like the one you tried out, esp with vodka as I do enjoy a drink or two during weekend.

  6. its a gr8 treat with cocktails...amazing ths post

  7. Neha, I love cocktails & this is so cool! I missed all the mixing & juggling drinks. Lol!

  8. Nice review of cocktails. Very good pictures.

  9. loved your review on cocktail books and the pics

  10. Seems to b a great book..thanks for sharing....wonderful pics....

  11. The cocktail looks delicious.

    I made virgin Mojito and since then I've been looking out for the authentic recipe for a mojito.

    Thanks for the review seems like a book that all cocktail lovers should have.

  12. Now that's my kind of BOOK. I need that book to try some of those recipes.

    Cleo Rogers (


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