Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Strawberry Cream Gateau

It's time for blog hop again.....This is a wonderful event started by Radhika of
The event  has already completed it's 3 months and now we have a new set of blogger friends to visit....This week I am again paired with of Divya of I told you before , she has a beautiful blog and the recipes are amazing.....I tried this gateau from her collection and it came out great.....
All you need is

For the cake

Flour-105 gms
Baking powder-1\2 tsp
Sugar-125 gm
Butter-7 gms {melted }
Boiling water-55 ml

For the Soaking syrup

Sugar-1\4 cup
Water-1\4 cup
Rum-2 tsp

For the frosting

Heavy whipping cream-3 cups
Confectioner's sugar-1cup

Method of preparation

For the cake

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees
Grease and line an 8" pan with parchment paper ( baking time will increase or decrease depending upon the size of pan used )
In a bowl, whisk together, flour and baking powder
Beat eggs and sugar till light and fluffy with a hand held electric blender ( approx 3-4 minutes )
Fold the flour in the eggs with a silicon spatula ( do not over mix at this stage )
Fold the melted butter and water
Pour the batter in the pan and bake for 20 minutes
Cool in the pan for 5 minutes
Take out from the pan and cool on the wire rack

For the soaking syrup

Mix water and sugar and boil till sugar is dissolved
Add rum to the cooled syrup

For the filling 

Whip the cream and sugar till stiff peaks are formed
Chop 5-6 strawberries and add them to 2 cups of whipped cream
Keep the remaining cream as it is

Assembling the cake

Cut the cake in to 3 layers
Put one layer on the cake board and brush 1\3 rd of the soaking syrup on it
Cover with half of the cream with strawberries
Put another layer of cake on top of this
Brush with 1\3 rd of the syrup and cover with remaining cream with strawberries
Cover with the third layer of cake
Brush with the remaining syrup
Cover the cake with the remaining whipped cream
Decorate as you like


  1. awesome!! i love the way u have decorated it!! bookmarking this!!

  2. VoWWW!!!!sooo tempting!!!
    wan a bite plzzzzz......

  3. Looks delicious n real yummy ,dear!!

  4. looks super delicious....amazing the last one...seriously drooling here

  5. looks superb, very enticing!

  6. Awesome cake..This looks delicious..Perfectly made dear...Should try it some day...Thanks for the recipe dear.

    My Blog

  7. Neha, I m so in love with your blog. It looks like a cake which is done for weddings. Very neat. You should probably start your bakery or something . Awesome and i m still drooling. First time here and loved everything on your blog.

  8. Yummy cake.. Looks beautiful ..

  9. awesome...looks so beautiful n loved your decoration n pictures...

  10. oh my god .. you will need to pay my GYM fees with all these calories that i want ot eat now :)

    he he he he

    beautiful and yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  11. Wow awesome,lovely and tempting

  12. Looks amazing

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  13. Neha u seem a PRO in baking too dearie..this is a mind-blowing cake...sinfully decadent's so bful tht I ate with my eyes itself....awesome presentation ..

  14. Looks absolutely divine and irresistible cake,mindblowing.

  15. Breath taking cake Neha. Awesome presentation. Looks like baked by a professional and presented in a star hotel... Very beautifully decorated!! Hats off!! :)

  16. Excellent preparation neha. You are rocking!!

  17. looks super delicious... cant take my eyes off it...

  18. Looks delicious.Looks as if a professional baker made it...Very tempting

  19. Neha this is awesome! So professionally done. I am drooling here. Wish I could take a bite of this yummy gateau.

  20. cake looks superb n professional

  21. This looks fantastic! wow!!! A total visual delight! Love it!

  22. awesome, it looks so professional, as if made in a bakery :). fantastic job!

  23. Looks amazing . Bookmarking . Loved the measurement in gms.

  24. Super Presentation..lovely clicks..n terribly terribly off to the wonderful job!!

  25. Can you please pass me some of that...looks gorgeous

  26. superlative bake - it adds to the pile of recipes I have already bookmarked from your space! I ame cheesy bread rolls for the hop- thanks for sharing the recipe

  27. wow this looks so pretty ...yummy cake ...fab pics

  28. Looks absolutely delicious! Nice pictures

  29. hi neha, the second last photo of the sliced cake looks so pretty and soft...delicious!

  30. Fantastic and yummy cake,nice presentation too...

  31. Amazingly gorgeous and as usual the deco is simply electrifying.

  32. hi neha
    I have to tell you that i tried out this cake and it was just far the best cake i made..i have put up the recipe on my blog...have tried out your corn cheese balls too...those were a big hit too....i definitely trust your recipes...can't wait to try others...thank you


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