Home made mint and garlic ricotta cheese

I have been planning to make Ricotta cheese at home since long ,but for some reason I have been acting lazy…..There nothing that can beat , fresh , home made cheese…I like to add flavors to my cheese…Sometimes it’s cilantro and cumin and sometimes it is sweet with orange zest and vanilla….Today for lunch,I planned to make a savory Galette, and  for that I needed some Ricotta….So I had to give my lazy-ness a break and get to work….I had some mint lying in the fridge and so it was Mint and Garlic Ricotta today….So here is the recipe….

All you need is

Full cream milk- 4cups
Heavy cream-12 cup
Lemon juice-2 tbsp
Mint-2 sprigs ( finely chopped )
Garlic-2-4 cloves ( finely chopped )
Salt-14 tsp

Method of preparation

Line a large sieve with a cheese cloth ( I used my hubby’s handkerchief )
Add 2 tbsp water in a heavy bottom pan and when the water starts boiling , add milk and cream to the pan
When the milk start boiling, add lemon juice to it
The milk will start to curdle
Simmer for 2 minutes
Add mint, garlic and salt to the milk
Remove from heat and cool for 5 minutes
Pour the milk in the sieve and let it drain for half an hour

If you want plain ricotta, don’t add mint and garlic
You can add your choice of flavor to it



  1. says

    hi neha, wow, you know how to make ricotta cheese… i am also on cheeses post right now. what a coincidence. your ricotta looks yum yum, first time heard with garlic added..great innovation. have a nice day

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