Monday, April 2, 2012

Coco cola and chocolate cake

Another week....Another missions to be accomplished....Another wait for the next weekend....and the life goes on...I am the kind who doesn't like to be at home on the weekends...So I keep on searching for the new places to visit...One of our cousins told us about this garden and we made a plan with them to go there...The visit was truly worthwhile with the weather on it's awesome end.....We spent an entire day there and kids had a real good time....

Park had a small patch of tulips in lots of colors....There were water bodies through out the park with lots of fishes and ducks...I saw the cherry blossom first time ever in my life...It was magical....I just felt like sitting there forever and absorb all the beauty that nature has offered us....If you guys are near La, you must plan a visit to Descanso garden....It's worth the 8 dollar ticket.....

last weekend , I made a doll cake for a friend's daughter's b'day....I want to share the pic with you guys...It was my first attempt at making a doll cake, and it came out decent enough.....

I have bookmarked today's recipe from and was wanting to make this for a long time...The recipe is very easy and can be done in a jiffy...So here it is....

All you need is

All purpose flour-2 cups
Sugar-2 cups
Baking soda-1 tsp
Baking powder-1\2 tsp
Cocoa powder-1\4 cup
Salt-1\2 tsp
Cinnamon powder-1\2 tsp
Eggs -2
Butter-1 cup
Coco cola-1cup
Butter milk-1\2 cup (I didn't had buttermilk so I made mine by adding 1\2 tsp of lemon juice to 1\2 cup of warm milk and  let it rest for 5 minutes )
Vanilla extract- 1tsp

For the Glaze

Butter-1\2 cup
Cocoa powder-1\4 cup
Coco cola-1\2 cup
Confectioner's sugar-4 cups
Walnuts-1\2 cup ( chopped )

Method of preparation

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees
Grease and flour a 8'square pan
Mix flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon powder and salt in a bowl
In a pan ,heat butter, coco cola, cocoa powder and buttermilk, until it starts boiling
Add this mixture to the dry ingredients
Add eggs and vanilla extract and mix
Pour the batter in the baking pan and bake for 30-40 minutes, till a toothpick comes out clean

For the glaze

Heat all the ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil
Remove from heat
Pour over the warm cake and let it set for an hour

I like to eat mine warm with a dollop of ice cream...

This is probably the moistest cake I have ever made.....and the easiest one too....It just took me 5 minutes from start to putting the cake in the oven...This recipe is surely a keeper....


  1. Nice twist.New one to me!

    Looks good

  2. Simply drooling here, coke in cake, very new..

  3. Wow..luv the jar over flowing with the glaze..Perfect cake celebration

  4. Gorgeous looking cake. Fabulous presentation.

    Cuisine Delights
    My Monthly Event - Spotlight : "Lunchbox Ideas".

  5. nice cake .clicks of picnicare super

  6. Omg, wat a super tempting and irresistible cake.

  7. This post was full of treats to the eyes. :)

  8. irresistible cake, i came to know new things by your recipe

  9. Looks absolutely delish and interesting addition of coke :-)

    Aparna from Square Meals

  10. Drooling,gorgeous cake..interesting recipe

  11. cake looks just awesum..n nice cliks.

  12. hi neha! fab photos and cake, been trying to plan a trip to the gardens as well as i learned about it most recently due to a recent tv show, finally,... have an open schedule and going for this Easter weekend, your photos are very nice and now i am anxious glad to have met you as i feel you and i have many liking in common all the best!

    1. ooops forgot to sign: tanya sakhuja lol whom you met a karuns and sheetals party

  13. Luscious cake and doll cake looks fabulous.

  14. Looks moist and delicious. Love to try this unique recipe!

  15. Beautiful clicks and the cake looks so moist and chocolatey

  16. the cake looks moist and wonderful, the doll cake looks soo cute any lil princess would love it.

  17. hi neha, beautiful flowers, delicious looking chocolate cola cake and appetizing pic of jar spilling out choc nuts. i must say a great cake with great pics and lovely garden tea perhaps. have a nice day

  18. wow...what a lovely cake...ur doll cake is so pretty...

  19. Very fabulous have a wonderful blog here...Loved it..Glad to follow you dear.Do visit my blog in your free time..

  20. your creativity..
    excellent perfection..hats off dear..;)

    Tasty Appetite

  21. Looks really good! I love chocolate cakes and I definitely can't wait to try this one.


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