#Spinach and #Mushroom Galette

We had an awesome evening yesterday….It was Halloween and one of Bhavye’s friend’s mom invited us over for TRICK-OR-TREATING……It was our first time participating in such an event and it was the most wonderful experience…The kids were all dressed up in their costumes and have gone wild, running in large groups from one door to another collecting candies….We had to huff and puff to keep pace with them…They went all around the neighborhood not sparing even a single house…..After we came back , they sat to sort their goodies and then traded with each other for their favorite ones….Now Bhavye is on a sugar high and I am thinking of ways to sneak a few of his stuff and bring him back to normal….:-)

To make sure he eats something healthy as well apart from eating all the sugar, I made this spinach and mushroom Galette for today lunch…It turned out wonderful…The crust was the same I used sometime back for the Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Galette….So here is the recipe…..

All you need is 

For the crust

All purpose flour-1 and 14 cup
Butter-120 gms ( cold and cut into 2 inch cubes …Cut the butter and then refrigerate for at least  an hour before using it in the recipe….)
Salt-12 tsp
Ice cold water-5-6 table spoon
Dried oregano-12 tsp

For the filling

Olive oil-2 tbsp
Garlic-2 cloves ( chopped )
Onion-12 cup ( finely chopped )
Spinach-100 gms ( chopped )
Mushroom-150 gms ( chopped )
Salt to taste
Black pepper powder-14 tsp
Ricotta cheese-12 cup ( recipe for home made ricotta cheese here )
Parmesan cheese-14 cup

Method of preparation

For the crust

Add all purpose flour, salt and oregano in a bowl and whisk
Add cold butter cubes to the bowl, and with the help of a pastry cutter, mix till the mixture appears crumbly ( Butter should be coarsely cut and some should be size of oats and some should be size of peas… If you don’t have a pastry cutter, you can use your food processor…I have never used it , but a lot of people finds it equally good….Or you can also use two forks to cut the butter…..Do not over mix…Do not use your hands to mix, as the heat from your hands will melt the butter and the crust will not be flaky )
Add ice cold water to the bowl ( one table spoon at a time ) and mix until the flour just comes together ( Do not add more water and do not over mix…The flour should just come together…It is not important for the dough to be smooth )
Make a small disc of the dough and cover with a plastic wrap
Refrigerate it for at least half an hour and maximum of two days

For the filling

Add oil in a large pan
When it is hot, add garlic and fry till lightly browned
Add onions and fry for 2 minutes
Add spinach, mushroom, salt and pepper and cook till all the water is absorbed


Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees
Lay  parchment paper on your counter top
Slightly flour it and roll the dough into a 10-12 inch disc on the paper ( I rolled the dough directly on my counter top and  it was very difficult to  transfer my Galette to the baking tray )
Leaving 2 inch space , spread the Ricotta cheese on the pastry
Top it with the Spinach and mushroom filling
Sprinkle Parmesan  cheese on top
Fold the sides of the pastry with your finger tips
It need not to be very smooth
Bake for 55-60 minutes

Serve hot

You may also like my mushroom and caramelized onion Galette…Recipe is here
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