Bengali Food Festival @ Masala Club By Taj Westend, Race Course Road, Bangalore

The Masala Club at Taj West End has always been ahead of others to create delectable tastes of different cuisines. Its ideal location, lavish ambiance with loads of greenery and water and a great service accentuates the whole experience. This time of the year, they are bringing the taste of Bengal to the city. Food has always been an integral part of the Bengali culture and the Bengalis are known to be one of the greatest food connoisseurs in the Indian sub-continent. It shows in their lavish meals which requires long hours of labor and ingenuity serving perfection on the plate.

Chef Giri, the maestro of Bengali cuisine created few of the most delectable flavors of this royal Bengal cuisine to which I was invited. Its not always easy to find a true Bengali food in Bangalore, so I’d a real pleasure for the day to enjoy the great food, company and share some thoughts with the Chef.

Aam porar shorbot which is a concoction of roasted mango pulp flavored with mint and cumin was perfectly balanced with sweet, sour and tangy flavors and is a great body cooler, perfect for the hot summers.

Each of the dishes has been given individual attention and has a distinct Bengali flavor in every bite.

For the starters, we were served Dimer devil, which is a whole egg wrapped with a meat coating and deep fried, almost like scotch eggs. Their were chingri macher cutlets ( crisp fried prawns ), narkel postor bada ( shallow fried coconut and poppy seeds patty ) and phoolkopir paturi ( mustard marinated cauliflower wrapped in banana leaf  and steamed ) to name a few.

For the main course, their are quite a few options to choose from and their is a fair number of vegetarian dishes too. Kosha mangsho which is a dry preparation of mutton was the dish of the day for me. Succulent pieces of meat in a spicy masala went very well with the puffed bread Luchi. Cholar dal which is also a very famous Bengali preparation stood out in the menu and it was also a prefect combination with Luchi.

The other non vegetarian dishes on the menu are Chingri malai curry, Bhekti maccher paturi, Pabda maccher jhol and Pabna murgi.
The vegetarian dishes include Palongshaager Chochchori, Aloo posto, Golbari kosha aloo and Mochar ghonto.

Their are a variety of breads and rice dishes to go along with these preparations.

For the dessert, their were two of the very popular Bengali sweets. Nolen gurer payesh, which is a rice pudding sweetened with Jaggery made with palm sugar and Rasmalai.

So if you are looking for some authentic Bengali food, then embark on a culinary journey to the bygone era showcasing the ‘old food of Kolkata’. It features a unique blend of traditional and contemporary Bengali cuisine inspired by the Nawabi palate highlighting the delicacies from the kitchens of the Nawabs and the Zamindars in a selection of Thalis depicting Zamindari Bhoj, Nawabi Amish & Nawabi Airamish.

Feel truly royal at Masala Klub by Taj West End and enjoy an inimitable dining experience over lunch (12:30 pm – 3:00 pm) or dinner (7:30 pm – 11:45 pm) from April 25 to May 8, 2014 at INR 3500 plus taxes per couple.
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