Add Fish fingers to a medium-sized mixing bowl. Add salt, lime juice, turmeric, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and ginger garlic paste.

step 1

Mix everything well using your clean fingers and set aside for 10 minutes.

step 2

Stir together all-purpose flour, rice flour, cornstarch, eggs, and baking soda in another medium-size mixing bowl.

step 3

Add the marinated fish to this mixture and keep it aside for another 10 minutes.

step 4

Heat 4-5 cups of vegetable oil over high heat. Once the oil is hot, set the heat to medium. Coat the fish fingers with bread crumbs and drop them in hot oil.

step 5

Deep fry the fingers until golden brown on medium heat. Keep flipping them once in a while using a slotted spoon. Do not overcrowd the pan while frying the fingers. Fry them in batches, otherwise, they will not turn out crispy.

step 6

Once the fingers are browned and crispy, drain them on a plate lined with paper tissues. Serve hot with a dipping sauce.

step 7