Pumpkin Fluff Recipe

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* Fluffy & Soft * Easy & Quick * Lip Smacking * Made With Just 5 Ingredients * A favourite Fall Dip * Filled with the goodness of Pumpkin


1. Whipped Crean 2. Pumpkin Puree 3. Pumpkin Pie Spice 4. Vanilla Extract 5. Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

Step 1

Mix pumpkin puree, vanilla pudding powder, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extract in a bowl.

Step 2

Fold whipped cream with this mixture.

Step 3

Chill for a few hours before serving.

Serving Suggestions

*This fluff can be served as a dessert or a dip. *Serve it with Graham Crackers, GingerSnaps, or even with Cookies. *You can also serve it as a snack with Apple Slices, Berries, or any other fruit. *If serving as a dessert, you can serve it in small individual bowls. I like to pipe it in serving bowls for a nice look. You can top it with some ground cinnamon.



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