My Indian Bucket List Cookbook

One of my dreams always has been to author a cookbook and that has really come true with my first book being published. My Indian bucket list cookbook has 60 bold, authentic dishes that everyone needs to try. Whether you are an Indian food expert or just getting started, this book will have something for you. Go ahead and use the links below to order a copy for yourself right away!

Cover page of My Indian bucket list cookbook by Neha Mathur

Over the last many years I’ve got myself a great selection of cookbooks from authors across the globe and now with this cookbook sitting on the shelf along with all of them is something I would cherish for the rest of my life.

I’ve had one of the most memorable times writing this cookbook and I’m absolutely sure you would love cooking recipes out of this book. I’m so grateful to you all for being a part of my journey at Whisk Affair. This cookbook is a great milestone for me personally and I would love for you to celebrate this book with me by getting a copy for yourself.

Cookbook Contents

I’ve divided the book into multiple sections to make selecting recipes easy. Starting with my favorite vegetarian curries followed up with meat- and fish-centric curries, staple rice dishes, most loved Indian bread, appetizers and soups for special get-togethers, standout desserts for all occasions, and must-have accompaniments with your Indian meal.

These sections would help you lay out a full table of an Indian meal or just prepare one of the curated recipes.

Quick Peek Into Some Recipes

In the vegetarian curries, you would find India’s most favorite paneer makhani, Dhaba style dal makhani to a simple 10-minute rasedar aloo.

Dal Makhani served in a bowl

Chicken tikka masala, lamb vindaloo, and coconut milk fish curry are just a small indication of what all you can cook from the meat and fish centric curry section

Coconut milk fish curry served in a bowl

Pair these curries with rice or bread, like cumin peas pulao or lachha paratha, or missi roti.

A stack of missi roti in a metal serving plate

To start your meal on a high note, try the appetizers like tandoori chicken or veg momos, or just prepare a warming lemon cilantro soup.

Tandoori chicken served with onion and lemon wedges.

No Indian meal would be complete without desserts like gajar ka halwa or raisin halwa made with raisins and nuts.

Gajar ka halwa served in a bowl

Cool down with mango cardamom lassi and serve masala papad and mix veg pickle on the side, the book would have you covered on all fronts of an Indian meal and would easily become your go-to book to cook Indian cuisine.

Buy The Cookbook

You can now easily buy my cookbook at any of the given links below. So go ahead and pre-order it now.