When my son asked me a few years back ” what are Mulberries, Mom ?”, I could only sigh.I explained to him how they look and taste but was assured that he’ll never be able to taste the fruit as I have myself not eaten it for a long long time and have not seen it in the markets anywhere…When we were kids, there was a huge Mulberry tree in my grandparents backyard and we cared less for the fruit.Mangoes and watermelons were the favorites.It was available so abundantly that it was given no importance. But now the fruit has almost become exotic and very hard to find. When I saw it available on one of the online grocery stores I shop with ( Towness.com ), I wasted no time in ordering my share and was very happy when my son tasted the fruit and liked it.We finished half of it for our evening snack and saved the half to make this delicious drink that my mom used to make for us when we were small.This drink is perfect for the summers and is very refreshing.With the basic ingredients at hand and availability of Mulberries, you can make it in no time.So here is the recipe

All you need is ( serves 4)

Mulberries- 200 gm
Powdered sugar-14 cup
Lemon juice-2 tbsp
Club soda- 500 ml
Ice cubes
Mint for garnishing

Method of preparation

Muddle the berries in a bowl with a muddler or back of a spoon
Pass them through a soup strainer
Add ice cubes in a jug and add berry juice
Add the lemon juice and sugar
Mix till sugar is dissolved
Add club soda and immediately serve in glasses
Garnish with Mint leaves
Serve immediately


Mulberries spoils very quickly. Try to use them immediately
They leave stain on your hands and cloths, so be careful
This drink should be made just before serving
You can increase or decrease the sugar according to your taste

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5 thoughts on “Mulberry Lemonade

  1. Growing up in Iowa we were surrounded by mulberry trees and every summer the bottoms of my feet were always stained purple. We would make mulberry pie, but never thought of making a drink out of it. I now have a mulberry tree in my backyard here in LA and will give your drink a try when they come into season.

  2. we have mulberry trees all around our neighborhood, and just went picking last night. I can’t wait to try this!

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