Karwachauth Dinner Menu Plan

Karwachauth, the day of fasting, is a tradition followed by married women who pray for the long life and well-being of their husbands. It is celebrated 9 days before Diwali. Falling on the fourth day of the Kartik month according to the Hindu calendar, this tradition is mainly followed in the Northern part of India.

Married women begin their day by eating food early in the morning (also called as Sargai), before sunrise, and then abstaining from food or water till sundown. They fast throughout the day, but break their fast in the evening after the moon comes out, signaling the end of the fast.

Tradition dictates, that the women bedecked as brides, see the moon’s reflection in a thali (plate), offer it water, seek its blessings and break their fast with special food preparations made for the day.

The food dishes prepared for Karwachauth are therefore nutritious, delicious and meant to regain health, as well as symbolizing the strong bond between husband and wife.

Here I’ve collected some of the traditional recipes that are made for Karwachauth, so you can plan your Karwachauth dinner.

Sargi Recipes

Sargai is done just before the sunrise; the tradition says that the food should be consumed while the stars are still visible. Some of the recipes you should try for sargai on Karwa chauth include Kheer, Halwa, Paratha or chaat. Try some of the below recipes

Kheer Recipes For Sargi

Halwa Recipes For Sargi

Filling Recipes For Sargi

Karwachauth Dinner Recipes

Dinner has to be elaborate as apart from breaking your full day fast, it is also about celebrating the festival. Here I’ve selected a special menu for your Karwa chauth dinner.

Badam Ka Sharbat –  A perfectly refreshing drink to have especially after not having even a drop of water the entire day, Badam Ka Sharbat is made from fresh badam/ almonds and can even be stored to be had later.

Poori – No Indian meal is complete without the ubiquitous Poori. Its versatile taste and texture make it a great accompaniment with dals, dry dishes as well as gravies.

Pua / Gulgule – A delicious sweet dish that is quick and easy to make, Pua/ Gulgule is a must make for Karwachauth. These sweet dumplings can be had by themselves as well as with different kinds of achars and pickles.

Matar Paneer – An easy, gravy based dish, Matar Paneer is a common nutritious and healthy recipe that goes well with rice, as well as Makki Roti, Naan and Pooris. Its blend of a variety of Indian spices makes it a complete meal for lunch or dinner.

Malai Kofta – Made in a spicy creamy gravy full of flavor and taste, Malai Kofta has Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese as its main ingredient and is a perfect food option for vegetarians. The mildly textured cashew gravy gives its own unique twist to this dish.

Shahi Chole Masala – Another gravy based dish that is high on protein and equally flavorful, is the Shahi Chole Masala that makes use of Indian chickpeas cooked in a rich, creamy gravy. This can be served with Indian breads or zeera rice.

Zeera Rice – Zeera Rice is a simple flavored rice dish made with cumin seeds that go well with any gravy, especially Matar Paneer and Malai Kofte gravies.

Rice Kheer – No meal is complete without dessert, and Chawal Ki Kheer is the perfect sweet dish that completes the rich meal of Karwachauth. This delicious rice pudding made with milk and a sprinkling of dry fruits adds fullness and subtle sweetness that is rich yet not overpowering.

Although food is a definitive part of the Karwachauth festivities, it also brings together customs, rituals, and traditions together making it an occasion to be celebrated by the entire family.

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